Khuluma Ndoda is a Men’s Social Movement against all types of Gender Based Violence. It is a behavior change program focusing on Men’s Social Wellness Programs designed to enable and empower men in the fight against gender violence, domestic violence and femicide. The program was established to create a platform from which men can engage and formulate responsive interventions to reduce acts of violence against women, children and the vulnerable people. Men are noticeable absent from the lives of their children be it attending school meetings and events. On the social front there are very few men attending campaigns advocating for gender equity. Khuluma Ndoda seeks to come out with a methodology that will be attractive to men and the young boys. It is a lifestyle program which includes – fashion, music, sports, culture, religion and politics. The program seeks to inspire men to not only dialogue on issues of gender equity but to also take action in all spheres of their existence.


Gender Based Violence is a learned behaviour the acts of which are a reflection of how society continues to fail itself. It is without a doubt an indication of a broken society within which we find individuals with varying degree of intense anger and self-loathe.
The characteristics of a new South Africa are a direct opposite of the dreams held and hoped for by many: Freedom, equality, prosperity, safety and mutual respect are contrasted by overt and sometimes subtle rejection for societal transformation. Contestations for identity, and control over each other have impacted our very freedom in our personal spaces, in our homes, family, workplace and in public.
What happened to Ubuntu? What has eroded our values that we are such a broken uncaring people? If we fail to answer these questions we will not be able to reverse the damage caused by our bitter painful past. We were exposed to violence, ruled through fear and now we must unlearn all the harmful culture and seek to be the wonderful caring people we are known to be – Proud self-loving caring and sharing South Africans.


“Change the reality”

“I need a safe place to play. Don’t harm my future.”

“I can grow to be a better safer person.”

Harmonize the workplace to support women empowerment.

Mobilize society to remove all traces of GBV that are deeply rooted in a patriarchal male dominated economy.

Advocate for rehabilitation and reconciliation of parties affected domestic violence.

Support and promote family values.

Keep society on constant Red Alert against GBV t prevent Femicide.

Score decisive national gaols against Gender Based Violence and Femicide.

Help families unlearn harmful cultural practices and rituals.


Khuluma Ndoda is a men’s wellness   programme that seeks to encourage men   to be ambassadors against GBV and help   prevent Femicide.

•We customize advocacy programmes

•We respond

•We prevent

•We protect

•We Mobilize

•We Home visit

•One on One Sessions




The program was championed by Patrick Shai, A self confessed and now reformed perpetrator of domestic violence. Through publicly speaking when no man wanted to accept and acknowledge that violence against women is wrong, Patrick took a bold step which earned him scorn and praise from both men and women. He went on to become a Brother’s For Life Ambassador, Community Safety Ambassador and is currently the anti-Femicide Champion for the Department of Justice. His slogan is “change begins with me” calls to men to look from within and find ways to actively take part in advocating and taking action to eradicate patriarchal culture that breads domestic violence and femicide. Femicide is the worst and most gruesome outcome of a bad relationship. It is by all means a crime of extreme hatred and anger expressed towards the victim. To deal with Femicide effectively the program looks at the culture of relationships of both sexual intimacy and platonic nature. The absence of relationship or courtship educational programs could be a necessary tool in the fight against GBV and Femicide1;/