About Khuluma Ndoda

Khuluma Ndoda is a Men’s Social Movement against all types of Gender Based Violence. It is a behavior change program focusing on Men’s Social Wellness Programs designed to enable and empower men in the fight against gender violence, domestic violence and femicide.

The program was established to create a platform from which men can engage and formulate responsive interventions to reduce acts of violence against women, children and the vulnerable people.

Men are noticeable absent from the lives of their children be it attending school meetings and events. On the social front there are very few men attending campaigns advocating for gender equity.

Khuluma Ndoda seeks to come out with a methodology that will be attractive to men and the young boys. It is a lifestyle program which includes – fashion, music, sports, culture, religion and politics. The program seeks to inspire men to not only dialogue on issues of gender equity but to also take action in all spheres of their existence.


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